USA Credit Card

U.S. Credit Card

Use Your Indian Credit History To Get Premium US Credit Cards

Kickstart your U.S. financial life by starting to build a U.S. credit score. You need a credit score to get a mobile phone plan, rent a house, get insurance, buy a car, and sometimes even apply for a job! Typically, getting a credit card is the easiest way to start building a U.S. credit history. 24X7 Loan Services, in partnership with Zolve, helps you use your hard-earned Indian credit history to apply for premium U.S. credit cards, once you’ve move

Key Benefits

Apply for premium U.S. credit cards without a U.S. credit history.

Using your Indian credit score, Zolve will give you personalized credit card recommendations, so you can apply with more confidence of approval.

Choose premium cards with no annual fee, no security deposits, and 0% introductory interest rates.

The best part? Also get rewards and benefits like cash backs, airline miles, hotel points, and more, from Day 1, vs. settling for secured or unbranded cards.

Note: Apply only if you have a credit history in India

Check Eligibility and Apply

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