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Most students dread visa interviews. The final step of the abroad education process can indeed be stressful for many students. And rightly so, as a rejected visa application could very well put a definite pause in a student’s dream education. Visa counseling sessions become important as it helps students prepare for the most important interview in their education journey.

For the US: The team of experts consists of Ex visa officers with years of experience in conducting visa interviews. They provide useful tips, study the student’s case, and prepare the student for many possible questions and scenarios. This prep becomes an absolute necessity if the student’s visa application has already been rejected once before.

For Other Countries: We have partnered up with experts who can help in Visa counseling for many countries such as Singapore, Ireland, New Zealand, European Countries, Australia, USA, UK, Canada, and Germany. The counseling includes assistance in interview preparation, documentation, and slot booking. The cost depends on the target country.

On choosing the service through 24 x 7 Loan Service, be assured that it will be of the highest quality and will be worth every penny spent.

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